What I saved today

How I saved money, time or the environment today or recently. Relevant comments or questions are appreciated.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Saturday, June 18, 2016

This was my best trip EVER!. I don't usually get very impressive Friday e-vic emails from Harris Teeter, but this time, I got a free 15-20 oz. Libby's canned pineapple and a free HT 28.2 oz. HT rising crust pizza, so I made a special trip today to pick those up. I also got two Suddenly Salads for $2.50 -$1 coupon and will get $1 back from Savingstar. I got two Kellogg's Mini-Wheats Harvest Delights for $.57 each, McCormick Italian herb seasoning grinder for $.17, Raid ant baits for $4.89 and Trident Salmon bites for $2.97. OOP was $11.24, $.57 of which was the tax. Total price without savings would have been $35.10! I'm going to give the cereal to the food bank because I already have a lot of cereal stockpiled.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

$72.82 OOP and I'll get $3 back from Savingstar and Ibotta and $3.64 from my credit card currently offering 5% back on grocery purchases. Would have been $127.69 full price.

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Harris Teeter Super Doubles!

Hard to see the receipt, but here are the best deals:

5 lb. Russet potatoes on sale for $.97 (weekend e-vic special)
1 Hamburger Helper $.97 on sale, doubled $.50 c/o = free (weekend e-vic special)
2 HT whole grain 10 pack waffles on sale $1.17 each = $2.34 (weekend e-vic)
1 Scott 8 roll bath tissue half price = $3.97 (weekend e-vic special)
2 Go Organic fruit snacks $3.99 each, two $2 coupons doubled = free
2 boxes Ortega taco shells sale $1.25 each minus doubled $1 off 2 coupon = $.50
2 Zing baking blends total $7.98 minus two $1.50 off doubled = $1.98 for both
8 Power bars on sale total of $8 minus two $2 off doubled = free
2 Tasty Bite brown rice & lentils on sale $4 total minus two $1 off doubled = free
2 Udi's frozen meals $11.58 total minus two $2 doubled = $3.58 for both

I used $33.87 in doubled Internet printed coupons, a new record

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Top Ten Mistakes Couponers Make


Monday, February 29, 2016

I finally used 20 coupons during Super Doubles

Original price $169.70. $36.63 OOP. I got the three DiGiorno coupons for $5 each minus a $2.50 Catalina because I only needed $15 more to get a $5 credit from Savingstar. I'll also get 5% back for using my SunTrust Mastercard and spent enough this week to have credit to get $10 off a $50 gas card. First time I was able to find enough items in stock to use 20 coupons and have some left over for another day. Barilla pasta was Buy 2 Get 3 Free and I had a coupon that doubled to $2.20, so I got five pastas for a total of $.80!  I got the Zing sweetener free, Kellogg's Harvest miniwheats for $.77 each, Domino pourable brown sugar for $.35, Cheerios for $1 each, 2 Colgate Enamel Health free, Johnsonville breakfast sausages for $.77 each, pumpkin spice baking chips for $.69, Perdue Short Cuts for $.72 each!, 2 4-packs of Activia yogurt free, 8oz. Organic Valley cheddar cheese for $1, Perdue fully cooked chicken for $1.49 each, Udi's pizza free, Udi's frozen meals $1 each and Better Bakery Artisan Melts for $1.  Bananas were about $2.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

I was disappointed to see the total for today's Harris Teeter trip at $94.00, but after discounts and coupons, it came to $44.97. Coupons took off $13, which I think is a record for me for one trip.  Best deal was Perdue frozen precooked chicken, regularly $9.99 on sale for half price and I had two $1.50 off one coupons, so I bought two packages for $3.50 each, which is about $2.20 a pound. Starkist tuna pouches were $.50 each using sale and coupons.  Old El Paso enchilada sauce was $.09. McCain potatoes were $.59 for each of three bags.  Kellogg's Raisin Bran 13 oz. were $.84 each for two.