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Monday, June 28, 2010

children's clothes cheap

The below sources work really well for getting children's clothing and toys free or cheap and sometimes for adult's clothing, too.

Hand-me-downs:  These don't have to be from older siblings or cousins. Recently one of my friends gave me a pair of practically new adjustable-waist jeans that she had been given because it would be several years before they would fit her son.  I returned the favor by giving her some hand-me-downs that would probably fit her youngest son.

Yard/garage/tag sales: I once attended a baby shower in a parkMy friend was pregnant with a girl after having two boys. Her mother gave her a huge box of baby girl clothes in various sizes.  She said it cost her about $25 total, all bought from yard sales. Since the clothes were in great condition and my friend was frugal, she was thrilled with the gift.

Thrift stores sell donated goods in order to benefit a charity.  Most thrift stores aren't terribly picky about the condition of the items offered for sale. It generally gets harder to find clothing in good condition as the age of the child progresses.

Consignment stores sell second-hand goods for reduced prices. Consignment stores pay the consignor (seller) a percentage of the sale proceeds and keep the balance. While most items in such a store will be sold for more than those in thrift stores, the merchandise will usually be in better condition.


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